Mission, objective and form


To look for Peters, who will serve, love and proclaim Jesus better than we do ourselves

(Jn 1:40-42).


Evangelised and evangelising Church.


proclaim the kerygma, provide integral formation, serve with charisms, work in a community.

SASE Formation Program:

Stage 1 - basics of a Christian life: Ne w Life (primary evangelization, kerygma)

Emmaus (encounter with Jesus - the Word); John (formation of the disciple); Jesus & the four Gospels (a new encounter through the Word); The History of Salvation (getting to know one’s history as a part of the history of salvation); Moses (formation of leaders); Happy Are You (spirituality of blessings).

Stage 2 - preparation for undertaking the miss ion of evangelization (7 courses)

Paul (formation of evangelizers); Dynamis (evangelization with power); Timothy (how to read, underline and memorize the Bible); Paul’s secret (pastoral vision); Apollos (formation of preachers); Damascus (the Gospel of grace); Mary (letter from Christ).

Stage 3 - train the trainers of evangelizers (7 courses ).

Courses created by SECiM

David and Goliath (learning the basics of a victorious life); Gabriel (discover the power of the Word of God in your life); Jonah (learning the value of biblical repentance); Joshua (integral formation of animators); Course for the engaged (preparation for marriage); Michael (learning of the biblical foundations of spiritual warfare); Raphael (beginning of the path of inner healing); Samuel (learning the personal prayer); Tehillah (experiencing God’s glory and learning praise with biblical patterns); courses for children; courses for women; courses for men; courses for the young. New courses are still being created.

St. Andrew School