About us

The formation of SECiM's members:

  • Formation of the Community’s members is divided into individual stages of formation followed by permanent formation;
  • Individual work - each member of a given year of the formation receives materials for personal work (four reflections a week);
  • Small groups at private homes;
  • Prayer meetings;
  • Evangelization in parishes;
  • Courses by SESA and own;
  • Service.

SECiM’s activities:

  • Evangelization courses (SESA, own);
  • Evangelization events in parishes;
  • Prayer meetings;
  • Evangelization activities in the media;
  • Intercessory prayers;
  • Evangelization of children;
  • Evangelization of the youth;
  • Evangelization of particular groups and states, also the excluded;
  • Other.

SECiM’s features:

  • Christocentrism - Jesus being in the centre;
  • Solid biblical and theological formation;
  • Basing on the Tradition of the Church;
  • Creativity;
  • Openness to the specific needs of the moment and of the environment;
  • Importance of music;
  • Joy;
  • Community;
  • Joyful worship;
  • Priorities;
  • Passion for evangelization.

SECiM’s members:

  • want to imitate Jesus, who lived in a community;
  • are a joyful and creative group that  is not afraid of new challenges;
  • pray joyfully and spontaneously;
  • are well-organized and appreciate professionalism in their activities;
  • perform a variety of ministries ands o they have a wealth of experience;
  • are not afraid to dream and pursue their passions;
  • act dynamically and progressively
  • find the meaning and purpose of life in the community;
  • learn to love and to live their lives to the fullest.

A SECiM local community can ensure:

  • faster growth in your formation and in evangelization;
  • the use all of the heritage and experience of the Community;
  • course teams are formed faster;
  • stability in the implementation of projects;
  • stability in case of a parish priest change;
  • evangelization, formation and courses requests from SECiM’s local communities are determined first;
  • before those coming from other communities, Catholic movements or parishes;
  • the local community is treated as a SASE member through Council of the Community and therefore does not need to fill in any additional documents, authorizations, certificates as those have been completed for SECiM as a whole.

Relations between the parish and the community

The relationship between the parish and SECiM as a whole is determined in specific arrangements between the parish priest and the pastor of the Community.