Presentation of the Cyril and Methodius School of Evangelisation

Cyril and Methodius School of Evangelisation is a community within the  Catholic Church, recognised canonically in 2006 (and founded back in 2002) with a major goal of evangelisation and formation of Jesus’ disciples. Its various everyday evangelisation activities are aimed at proclaiming living Jesus with new means, new methods and new enthusiasm. SECiM is made up of adults with various interests and professions, from both the laity and the clergy, of all ages, married and single, but all sharing one goal: evangelisation. 

The spirituality and life of its members are defined in the Community Rule which refers to the Rule of St. Benedict and SECiM’s many years of experience .Everyone can feel invited and will find their place in the community. Currently, the community has members from multiple Polish dioceses, from the UK and from Ireland.

The name of the Community encompasses its nature:


members, who are Jesus’ disciples, learn to live the Gospel and grow through integral and gradual formation.


members learn to evangelise, evangelise others and finally teach to evangelise, following Jesus’ Great Commission.

Cyril and Methodius:

acting together in the community as was done by the great evangelizers of Europe - Saints Cyril and
Methodius; their names express the need of the community’s members to be of help and support for each other and serve in unity with others.